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Trip Holidays Hungary offers travel tips and information for top travel places and best destinations. We feature links, resources and large selection of budget airlines, chartered planes, sea cruises, ferries, travel agencies, land transports and attractions including beaches, medical tourism, retirement homes, historical and pilgrimage tours.

Hungary Most Popular Attractions

Budapest Tourist Attractions
Hungary's capital straddles a gentle curve in the Danube. It's the administrative as well as the business and cultural centre of Hungary, and virtually everything that happens in the country starts, finishes or is taking place here. But the beauty of Budapest is what really makes it stand apart. Read More about Budapes Attractions...

Lake Balaton Tourist Attractions
This oblong lake, about 100km from Budapest, is one of the largest in Europe, covering an area of almost 600 sq km. Often called 'the nation's playground,' Balaton is divided into two quite different shores: the south, which is essentially one long resort of high-rise hotels and minuscule beaches; and the north, where there are more historical towns and sights, mountain trails, better wine, and much less glitz. Read More about Lake Balaton Attractions...

Pecs Tourist Attractions
Lying equidistant from the Danube and the Dráva rivers in Southern Transdanubia, Pécs is one of the most interesting cities in Hungary. Blessed with a mild climate, it has an illustrious past, superb museums and some of the finest Turkish monuments in the country. It is also renowned for its music, opera and ballet, and has some of Hungary's best leatherwork. Read More about Pecs Attractions...

Eger Tourist Attractions
Everyone loves Eger, and it's immediately apparent why: beautifully preserved Baroque architecture gives the town a relaxed, almost Mediterranean feel; it is the home of the celebrated Bull's Blood wine; and it is flanked by two of the Northern Uplands' most beautiful ranges. Read More about Eger Attractions...

Trip Holidays Hungary also showcase a unique blend of travel and leisure photos and stories, updates, events and announcements about roads, shopping malls, hotels, bed and breakfast, restaurants, groceries and more. Not just a travel guide but one-of-a-kind discovery of people and places.

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Budapest Hungary - Heviz Hungary - Eger Hungary - Lake Balaton Hungary, Sarvar Hungary - Sopron Hungary

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